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Moreish Meadow Hay 4.5kg

Moreish Meadow Hay 4.5kg

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Meadow Hay For Small Pets

Barn dried, long stem meadow hay grown on our farm in Yorkshire. Soft and palatable so not only is it great to nibble but it makes comfy bedding too! Our premium quality meadow hay is adored by rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas and degus.

Why Choose Moreish Meadow Hay as My Small Animals Forage Choice?

  • Soft and palatable stems to suit the fussiest nibblers
  • 100% natural + traditional hay meadow grasses
  • High fibre to support gut health
  • Makes a comfy bed too…cue happy pets!

Why HayDay

We know what we’re doing! Self confessed grass enthusiast brothers Tom and Mike have over 10 years experience, with some of the best racehorses in the world enjoying our hay. 

Feeding Guidelines

Small pets (like rabbits, guniea pigs, degus and chinchillas) are herbivores that thrive on a plant based, grass-led diet. Adequate forage consumption is essential and should make up most of your small pets diet (about 75-85%). For full feeding guidelines specific to your pet see our Feeding Guidelines + Nutrition page.

Size & Dimensions

Weight of Hay Box: 4.5kg

Dimensions of Hay Box: 60 x 45 x 30 cm


Moreish Meadow:

Analytical Constituents

Crude Protein 7%, Crude Fibre 30%, Crude Fats and Oils 1.7%; Crude Csh 3.9%; Sodium 0.1%

Shipping & Returns

All orders are shipped using DPD. Free Next Day Delivery (order before 12pm Monday to Friday) on all orders over £33 and for those under a flat charge of £3.95 is applied.


Our Hay Boxes allow for endless hours of fun with our cut-out sections! Let your small animals have enrichment time by re-using and recycling our packaging.

You won’t see plastic here! Just cardboard, paper and environmentally friendly materials. We even print using toxin free ink with your small animals in mind.


Always store your small animal's hay in a cool, dark and well ventilated space. For more information, see some of our customer's hay box storage solutions.

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What Is Meadow Hay?

Meadow Hay is a type of grass species, loved by small animals for its high fibre content, rich colour (extremely green!) and its softer texture in comparison to other hay types. Meadow Hay is extremely palatable and a great option to use as a bedding hay too.

At HayDay, we grow all of our grass on our farm in Yorkshire, meaning we have full control of our hay from field to nibble:

• We barn dry our hay for consistently high quality hay all year round

• Our Meadow Hay is long stem which is great for your small animal's teeth and tummies

• We work closely with our in house nutritionist Briony to ensure that you're feeding your small pet's the best!

  • Why is Our Moreish Meadow Hay a Good Choice for Your Small Pets?

    Small animals should have a diet that reflects feeding 80 - 90% of premium quality, dust extracted hay. We know that finding a suitable hay source for your small pet's can be difficult, which is why at HayDay we:

    • Have invested in barn-drying facilities

    • Dust extract our grass products

    • Have the seal of approval from our nutritionist Briony

    Please refer to our feeding guidelines for further advice.

  • Which Animals Love Our Meadow Hay and Why?

    There are a variety of different animals who love our Meadow Hay, including:

    • Rabbits

    • Guinea Pigs

    • Chinchillas

    • Degus

    • Plus many more!

    Our Meadow Hay will assist your small animal's digestive, dental and gut health. Don't forget, it makes a comfy bed too for rabbits and guinea pigs!

  • Meadow Hay Storage Tips

    Keeping your small pet's hay fresh is key, in terms of preserving its quality and to keep your small animals safe. So when storing our barn dried, fresh Meadow Hay - we would recommend:

    1. Storing hay in a cool and dark place which is well ventilated

    2. Ensure your hay can breathe (our boxes are perfect for this!)

    Storing your hay in these recommended conditions will help prevent mould and stop it from spoiling.

    See more hay storage tips here.

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Meadow Hay FAQs

What Animals is HayDay Hay Suitable For?

Our premium quality, barn dried hay is suitable for all animals with a hay based diet. This includes Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Chinchillas, Degus and More!

Why Choose HayDay Hay?

We produce premium quality, long stem hay for Small Animals all year round! Unlike traditional farming methods where farmers would rely on consecutive dry days to make hay, we use green energy to barn-dry our hay! This guarantees perfect quality hay each time.

How Much Hay Should I Feed My Small Animal?

Hay should be offered at free-choice to Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Chinchillas and Degus. The recommended amount is to feed a portion size equal to their body. For more advice from our nutritionist, take a look at our Feeding Guidelines and Nutrition for Small Animals.

Which Type of Hay Would You Recommend?

Tasty Timothy Hay is a favourite with Rabbits, Guinea Pigs and More! Loved for its Timothy Heads and how it promotes great gut and dental health.

Moreish Meadow Hay is great not only to nibble but it pairs as a comfy bed too! Adored by the fussiest of small animals, it's also high fibre to support healthy gut health.

Both of our HayDay Hay products are FEMA's accredited too.

Can I Feed Different Types Of Hay To My Small Pets?

Absolutely! Diversifying your small animal's diet is important as it improves their hay intake and prevents them from getting bored.

Small pet owners are known to feed both Tasty Timothy and Moreish Meadow Hay to enrich their small animals diet.

Can I Subscribe to HayDay Products?

Subscribe and Save 15% on each Tasty Timothy Hay and Moreish Meadow Hay box.

Our subscriptions are totally flexible: pause, cancel or change at any time. With no cancellation fee!

For more on our hay subscriptions for your small animals, check out our subscription page!

How Much is Delivery and How Long Does it Take?


We dispatch our Tasty Timothy Hay and Moreish Meadow Hay using DPD Next Day. Spend over £33 for free delivery or for orders under, flat rate shipping is £3.95. For next day delivery, order before 12pm Monday-Friday.

Royal Mail

All Hay Taster Packs, Accessories and Treats are dispatched using Royal Mail 48HR. Please allow up to 3-5 working days to receive your order.