Our Nutritionist

Meet Briony, our Head of Nutriton.

Expertly Grown Hay Boxes for Small Pets!

Our Nutritionist

Meet Briony, our Head Of Nutriton!


Meet Briony,

Our Head of Nutrition

Briony Witherow

Meet our nutritionist, Briony!

Briony has been part of our team for a number of years and provides us with the invaluable knowledge to make our products the best they can be for your small pets.

Briony graduated from Aberystwyth University and the Royal Agricultural College. She spent time in the commercial sector as a nutritionist catering for everything from guinea pigs to guinea fowl. She then went on to achieve registered nutritionist status with animal speciality with the Association for Nutrition (AfN).

Briony has owned guinea pigs and rabbits from a young age and has a keen interest in feeding for gastric and dental health.

We love having Briony as part of HayDay and you can hear more from her through our social media channels and blogs.

“Finding a suitable forage can be one of the most challenging tasks when providing for our small furries. HayDay takes some of the stress away providing consistent high-quality hay, it is an excellent forage source for small pets.

There is also added peace of mind that it is made by a family company start to finish ‘in-house’ and grown right here in the UK, guaranteeing products of exceptional quality.

HayDay offers both Timothy and Meadow hay, both are palatable options which can be used simultaneously for enrichment or specifically depending on each animal’s requirements. Timothy, with its naturally coarser nature, is generally selected to promote healthy dental and digestive function, while Meadow hay with its rich mix of grass species keeps the diet diverse encouraging natural foraging behaviours.”

If you have any specific questions about nutrition which you cannot find within our FAQs please drop us an email and we will get back to you.