Collection: Hay For Small Pets

Hay For Small Animals

Hay is an essential part of any Small Pet diet.

Expertly grown, barn dried premium hay for Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Chinchillas, Degus and many more Small Animals!

Choose from a range of our hay products that are grown on our farm in Yorkshire and delivered directly to your door.

General Hay FAQs

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Why Choose HayDay Hay?

We produce premium quality, long stem hay boxes for Rabbits all year round! Unlike traditional farming methods where farmers would rely on consecutive dry days to make hay, we use green energy to barn-dry our hay! This guarantees perfect quality hay each time and all year round.

How is HayDay Hay Made?

Tom, Mike and the wider HayDay HQ team grow, mow and pack your 4.5kg Hay Boxes on our family farm in Yorkshire. We control the whole process; from growing the grasses to preparing your orders ready for DPD to collect.

We also barn dry our hay! Using sustainable farming practices such as green energy to power this process, we pride ourselves on doing things the right way by providing premium, long stem hay for your small pets.

What Pack Sizes Do You Offer?

Our hay boxes for rabbits are 4.5kg in size! If you're unsure of which hay your small animal will prefer, we also offer a 50/50 Tasty Timothy and Moreish Meadow Hay Taster Pack.

Which Is The Best Type of Hay For Rabbits?

Tasty Timothy Hay is a firm favourite amongst rabbits and the rabbit community. Loved for its Timothy Heads, long stems and how it promotes great gut and dental health.

Moreish Meadow Hay is great not only to nibble but it pairs as a comfy bed too! Adored by the fussiest of small animals, it's also high fibre to support healthy gut health.

Both of our HayDay Hay products are FEMA's accredited too.

For more information on which hay box to choose for your small pet, here's our Timothy Hay vs Meadow Hay guide.

Will Hay Help Maintain My Small Pet's Teeth?

Yes! Premium, coarse and long stem hay is recommended for rabbits and other small animals as it helps to wear down their continuously growing teeth.

Expertly Grown Hay On Our Farm In Yorkshire, For Your Rabbits

It’s important to us to do things
properly for your small animals, from introducing more sustainable farming practices to packaging our products in 100% recyclable cardboard.

We also barn dry our hay. By using green energy to power this process, we ensure perfect quality hay every time!

There’s always room for
improvement and we’re continually looking at what we can improve next, but for a small business we’re pretty proud of what we do!