Collection: Degu Hay

Premium Hay For Degus

Small herbivores, like Degus, should have a diet which consists of hay as its majority.

Our premium hay products have been grown on our farm in Yorkshire which your degus' nutritional requirements in mind.

Ensuring Degus eat sufficient quantities of hay will help to support their digestive and dental function and can be an excellent opportunity to get creative with enrichment ideas. Our hay boxes are:

• Barn dried for consistent quality - all year round

• Dust extracted

• Approved by our in-house nutritionist Briony

Expertly Grown Hay On Our Farm In Yorkshire, For Your Degus

It’s important to us to do things
properly for your small animals, from introducing more sustainable farming practices to packaging our products in 100% recyclable cardboard.

We also barn dry our hay. By using green energy to power this process, we ensure perfect quality hay every time!

There’s always room for
improvement and we’re continually looking at what we can improve next, but for a small business we’re pretty proud of what we do!