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New 1kg Hay Boxes!

You can now shop our 1kg Ryegrass and Alfalfa Hay boxes for your small animals.

Both Ryegrass Hay and Alfalfa Hay are suitable for rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas and degus - both suiting different nutritional requirements.

At HayDay, we produce premium quality hay which is grown, harvested and packed here on our farm in Yorkshire. Our hay is barn dried and long stem which promotes great dental, digestive and gut health.

Ryegrass Hay and Alfalfa Hay FAQs

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How do I feed Ryegrass Hay?

We best recommend feeding (smaller quantities) of Ryegrass Hay in addition to your small pet's normal hay source (i.e. Timothy Hay or Meadow Hay) for added enrichment.

Try presenting your small pet's hays in different ways too to excite them! You can use household items such as empty toilet roll and egg boxes to encourage your rabbit or guinea pig to eat more hay.

How do I feed Alfalfa Hay?

Enriching your small pet's diet has never been so easy with our Alfalfa Hay. Alfalfa Hay is most suitable for young, growing and lactating small pets, however, it can be a great hay to introduce to adult pets for enrichment.

For pets up to 6 months, Alfalfa Hay should be their main forage choice and for adult pets, introduce it in smaller quantities.

Is Ryegrass Hay similar to Timothy Hay?

Like Timothy Hay, Ryegrass Hay is long, green and stalky but with enhanced nutrition. We would recommend feeding Tasty Timothy Hay (or Moreish Meadow) as your small pet's main hay (fibre) source and feed Ryegrass Hay alongside it in smaller quantities.

Always introduce new hay types to your small pets over a period of 7 to 14 days.

Who is Alfalfa Hay suitable for?

Alfalfa Hay is suitable for small pet's up to 6 months, growing pets, nursing mums as well as those unwell or recovering from an injury. Its high calcium and protein content means it's a great choice for health and development in your small pets.

Can I introduce a new hay to my Small Pet's diet?


As recommended by our in-house nutritionist Briony, always introduce new hay types to your small pet's diet, gradually, over a period of 7 to 14 days.

Expertly Grown Hay On Our Farm In Yorkshire, For Your Small Animals

It’s important to us to do things
properly for your small animals, from introducing more sustainable farming practices to packaging our products in 100% recyclable cardboard.

We also barn dry our hay. By using green energy to power this process, we ensure perfect quality hay every time!

There’s always room for
improvement and we’re continually looking at what we can improve next, but for a small business we’re pretty proud of what we do!