What Is a Hay Subscription? Questions to Ask Before Signing Up to a HayDay Subscription

What Is a Hay Subscription? Questions to Ask Before Signing Up to a HayDay Subscription

With many of us working nine to five, shifts, weekend or night jobs, remembering your small pets hay can be a difficult task. Premium quality hay is the number one essential for small animals in order to keep their sensitive and complex bodies moving. 

The high fibre (found in hay and forage) encourages correct gut movement and helps to wear down your small animal’s continuously growing teeth.

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Why A Hay Subscription Might Suit You

Making sure you always have stock in the house is a must - but quite often so easily forgotten - we’ve all been there!  This is where a hay subscription might be just what you need…

At HayDay, we understand the importance of a high fibre diet in rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas and other small animals. 

Did you know 80-90% of a small pet's diet should be hay and forage? It's that important! Which is why we created our Hay Box Subscription.

Our Hay Subscriptions Are Perfect If:

☑ You always forget to buy hay and have to rush out or make a last minute order

☑ You often have to make a special trip to a pet shop to get your hay which takes time and fuel

☑ You’re not happy with the hay that you currently purchase

☑ Your furry friend has gone munching mad and finished the hay quicker than you thought

☑ You love hay and want to make sure you are guaranteed some stock from your favourite brand (after all, hay is a natural and seasonal product with certain stock levels due to demand).

☑ You have enough to do without having to remember the hay too

The benefits of Our Subscription boxes - Let HayDay help!

In this guide, we cover:

  • What is a hay box subscription
  • How our subscription service works
  • The benefits of a hay subscription 
  • Our most popular subscriptions

Read on for our guide to understanding our subscription service, and why it will benefit you and your small pet.


What Is A Hay Box Subscription? 

With our Hay Box Subscription, you can manage it pretty easily! Choose and change the frequency of your deliveries, add or remove products, and you can even cancel it if needed. With no cancellation fee!


How Much Is A Hay Subscription?

Hay Subscription prices can vary depending on the quality of hay, which cut it is and its local and international demand on the market.

Hay Subscription Average Cost

Hay Subscription Product


Cost (£)


Subscription (£)

Timothy Hay

£15 - £30


Meadow Hay

£10 - £28


*Prices based on 4-5kg boxes which would last an average size rabbit 2 to 4 weeks, dependent on intake.

Hay subscriptions are ideal for those wanting an easier lifestyle - delivered door to door, as frequently as you need and all whilst saving yourself money on each order. A 4.5kg hay box would typically last a bonded pair of rabbits 2 to 4 weeks.


Guaranteed Quality, Green Hay Each Time

It’s always important to know with any subscription exactly what you are subscribing to.

With a HayDay Hay Subscription, you have the flexibility to have your hay delivered directly from our Yorkshire farm straight to your door for rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas and other hay-lovers everywhere! 

We pride ourselves on the quality of the hay that we produce for small animals. Traditional farming techniques for making hay are heavily dependent on consecutive days of sun and dry British weather (hence the saying, “make hay whilst the sun shines”). 

Whereas at HayDay we have invested in drying facilities, powered by green energy, that barn dries our hay - ensuring a premium quality hay that your small animals will love time and time again. Not only does this create perfectly barn dried hay, it maintains the correct and consistent level of nutrition, flavour and colour. 

Did we mention that we’re also introducing more sustainable farming practices on our farm? 


How Does A HayDay Subscription Work? 

Step 1: Choose a Hay Box For Your Small Animal

Choose between our two 4.5kg hay boxes: Tasty Timothy and Moreish Meadow Hay.

If you’re unsure of which box your small animal will prefer, here’s a helpful guide on choosing the right hay box for your pet.

Step 2: Create Your Small Animal’s Flexible Forage Plan

Choose one of our flexible hay subscription plans by adding a 2, 4, 8 or 12 week subscription to your basket and checkout. Whilst saving fifteen percent on your subscription, each time!

You can subscribe to our products through our dedicated subscription page, or across all of our product pages.

Step 3: Wait For Hay Delivery Day!

You will then receive your HayDay Hay as frequently as you selected. All subscriptions are dispatched the same day, with next day delivery included. 

You can share your small pet’s new hay obsession with us across on our social media channels.


The Benefits of A Hay Subscription

Save Money On Each Order 

When you subscribe to our hay service, save 15% on each order. And even better, if you subscribe to over £33 you get free shipping too. 

With our subscription and flexible delivery, we remember the food for your small pet so that you don't have to. Making your hay box subscription for your small pet easier than ever!


Managing your subscription is easy, simply manage your subscription through your account with us. We recommend that you create an account with us for you to be able to access your past orders and for you to be able to amend your subscription quicker.

Alternatively, on any previous communication emails that you’ve had from us, there will be the option to ‘Manage Your Subscriptions’ which will allow you easy access to change, amend or cancel your hay subscription with us. 

But don't worry, we will always email you to remind you about any upcoming subscriptions and let you know that you are flexible to move, skip or cancel your subscription at any time. With no cancellation fee! You can always get in touch with a member of our team if you need any further assistance.

Cancel Anytime

Do we have to say any more! 

We understand the catch with most subscriptions on having to incur a cancellation fee if you no longer use the product or service. But at HayDay, you have no obligation with our subscription. No catch, no hassle, no fee.

Simply guarantee the hay box, with a saving, for your small animal.

Premium Hay Direct to Your Door

The hay products available are often of such varying quality, it can be hard to know where to start when choosing - where was it grown (was it grown in the UK or is it imported hay?), if it is dust free (much harder to achieve when not barn dried), and what quality of nutrition is the hay itself. Always try and opt for barn dried premium hay if you can. 

All of our subscriptions are shipped using DPD next day delivery ensuring you are never without your small animal’s hay. With notifications on where your order is and if you’re not going to be in you can rearrange the delivery or let the driver know a safe place to leave it!


Our Most Popular Subscriptions

Timothy Hay

Our Tasty Timothy Hay is a firm favourite by small animals due to its coarse and crunchy long stems! It’s also;

  • Loved by rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas and more!
  • Great for gut health as it’s high in fibre
  • It keeps their dental health in check - helping wear down their continuously growing teeth

Meadow Hay

Moreish Meadow Hay is not only great to feed but it also pairs nicely as bedding hay for guinea pigs and other small animals! It’s naturally a softer texture and tends to suit the fussiest of small animals. Our meadow hay is; 

  • Soft and palatable 
  • High fibre to support gut health
  • 100% natural and traditional meadow hay grasses 

Can't decide which hay subscription to choose? Read our guide to Timothy and Meadow Hay.



Understanding the benefits of our hay subscription will help you save time, money and countless late night shopping trips for your small animal’s hay. A HayDay subscription saves you money on each hay order, is easy to manage and you can cancel at any time.

Remember, hay is an essential part of your small pet’s diet; let us make it one less thing for you to think about in the long run.

Why You Should Subscribe to HayDay

  • Free Cancellation: That means no hassle, easy to do and no catch. 
  • Easy to manage: Cancel, pause or amend anytime from your account
  • Speak directly to the HayDay team: We always aim to respond in a few hours
  • Premium quality,  barn dried hay: All grown in the Yorkshire countryside for your small pets


Frequently Asked Questions

Which HayDay Products Would You Recommend For Rabbits?

Both of our hay products! When you subscribe, our 4.5kg boxes of Tasty Timothy and Moreish Meadow Hay are suitable for a variety of different small pets; including rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas and degus. Our Hay Boxes are great for encouraging great gut movement and dental health due to its coarse and long stems. 

Tasty Timothy Hay is perfect for those rabbits who love coarse and crunchy stems; high protein, high fibre and it’s absolutely sweet to taste! 

Moreish Meadow Hay is great not only to nibble but it pairs as a comfy bed too! Adored by the fussiest of small animals, it's also high fibre to support healthy gut health.


Can Hay Be Used as Bedding Hay For Guinea Pigs?

Absolutely! Both Tasty Timothy and Moreish Meadow Hay can be used as bedding products for rabbits, guinea pigs and more small pets. Our best bet is that your small animal will prefer Moreish Meadow Hay to burrow in due to its slightly softer texture!


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